As a reliable partner for educational institutions, we publish high quality educational materials, supplementary workbooks and various kinds of books for teachers and students. At the same time, by leading in up-to-date educational concepts, we wish to pass down our knowledge and culture.

Educational Publishing House Limited ("EPH"), which has been incorporated in Hong Kong for more than 60 years, is the key textbooks publisher of Popular Holdings Limited (Hong Kong). The textbooks published by EPH are well received by Hong Kong and Macau. These textbooks meet up with the development and teaching needs in the education industry. EPH also provides all sorts of comprehensive teaching materials and support to pre-school, primary and secondary schools. What is more? EPH organises a wide variety of professional teacher trainings and student activities support workshop on a regular basis, it also conducts parents’ meetings to maintain a close relationship with parents.

Pan Lloyds Publishers Limited consists of 4 major supplementary exercise publishing brands: Pan Lloyds, JumpStart, PopLearn and Smart Parents. With our professional products, we can fulfil the learning needs of children in every developmental stage and provide comprehensive support to schools and self-learning students. Being known as the most reliable and award-winning brand, our products are well received by the industry and parents and the sales volume is on top of the list for years. (*According to the information about the textbook list (supplementary exercise category) for government, aided and direct subsidy scheme primary schools in Hong Kong for the year 2020/21, schools that adopt the products from Pan Lloyds Publishers Limited was up to 98%, which accounted for 65% of the market share.)

Seashore Publishing Company (Hong Kong) is one of the Hong Kong's best-known publishers of cookbooks. To date, it has published more than 600 titles, with authors ranging from famous artists, head chefs of restaurants and nutritionists to doctors, and even professors. Through their cookbooks, these authors have shared their valuable experience and knowledge. A series of bilingual cookbooks - English-Chinese and Chinese-Bahasa Indonesia - have turned out to be so popular that they have become an essential reference for many families. Among them, A Cooking Guide for Filipino and Indonesian Domestic Helpers and Master Tang's series of cookbooks have earned outstanding reviews. Recent publications such as the Modern Kitchen series are especially popular with young couples and working adults. In addition to cookbooks, Seashore Hong Kong also publishes books on health, beauty, entertainment and recreation.

Ichiban Book, was established in 2012 targeting the trends and interests of youngsters, it publishes popular book series mainly. The pulse of the community as well as hot topics in the city are the focuses of Ichiban Book. These issues showcase the Hong Kong local culture, and at the same time, they enrich the life of Hong Kong People. Since the establishment, we cooperate with idols, celebrities, illustrators, scholars and professionals to publish a wide variety of books, which are all well received by readers, including proses, art books, romance novels, language learning, occupational, travel, astrology, photography and pets. The book 我係尖東忌廉哥 starring Brother Cream, the pet star, was republished 2 weeks after its publication, and came to the 7th edition in 11 months; 忌廉雞湯 also made brilliant achievements that it republished for 4 times in only a month.

Recently, World Publishing Company has been focusing on the publications of popular readings, cookbooks and children's books that are interesting and educational. Best sellers include our children's favourite 手繪百科 Series, and the new release 手繪百科─我們的身體, which is about a journey to understand our body with interesting pictures and lively texts to help with the illustration. Furthermore, the nursery book 父母必學!和孩子溝通的語言藝術 is addressed from the perspective of problems that every parent may encounter. These issues are analysed from a professional angle in order to share with parents the tips for intimate interactions and communicating with their kids.